HYDO is easy desalination.

Water is not scarce: most of it is just too salty. HYDO is a household scale innovation that allows everyone to make saltwater drinkable. No membranes, no complicated technology, no high investment.


What is HYDO?


  • No membranes
  • No complicated technology
  • Repairable by anyone, everywhere


  • HYDO allows everyone to desalinate water
  • Benefiting groups who contribute the least, but are hardest hit by water scarcity


  • Circular or recyclable materials
  • No fossil energy
  • No rare earth metals


Water is not scarce – if we can access saltwater!


of all water is saltwater


of water is currently accessible to humans


by 2030, 66% of all people on earth will face water shortage (WWF, 2020)


climate change exacerbates water shortages

About us

HYDO was founded by Merlijn van Selm in September 2020.

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Water science
  • Climate change & sustainable development

Lukas Rolf

  • Geography
  • Hydrology
  • Sustainable development
  • Groundwater

Rosan Nusselder

  • Physics
  • Interdisciplinary research projects
  • Project management

Winner BMC 2020 @ImpactHub Amsterdam

HYDO was elected the winner of the Business Model Contest 2020 at the Impact Hub in Amsterdam, December 2020.

Awarded Innovation grant 2021

HYDO is working on an innovation grant by the Dutch Enterprise Agency and Province Noord-Holland since August 2021.

Pitch at BMC finals, 10 December 2020, @ImpactHub Amsterdam

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Send us an e-mail at info@hydo.eu